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✨ ~ Letting go opens you up to receiving ~ ✨

Crazy how many times I experience this and still it seems to never sink in completely.. although deep down knowing this to be true, feeling and experiencing it in so many moments of my life, but taking it for granted and letting it slip away. Grateful and thankful for learning this lesson, each time, as… Continue reading ✨ ~ Letting go opens you up to receiving ~ ✨

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You are the creator of your life

You are the creator of your life, guiding yourself to whichever destination and or whatever journey you allow yourself to achieve experience – allowing the pieces of the puzzle to fall in to place. Your thoughts and everyday experiences are controlled by you, don’t let your ego and the superficial world around you get in… Continue reading You are the creator of your life

Poetry · Thoughts, feelings, stories.

Belleza interior · Inner beauty

Quieres y hieres, y que bonita eres. ✨ Me miro y me observo, y veo mas allá que el físico.. veo mi belleza interior..y me hace sonreir, me hace feliz… 🙂 la admiro, la respeto y la honro. ❤️ Ahó! 🙏     You love and hurt, and how beautiful you are. ✨ I look at myself… Continue reading Belleza interior · Inner beauty